Have you ever heard of the disease Endometriosis? We have, and my wife, Kristina, live with it every day. Her biggest dream has long been to open a jewelry shop, so in 2013 I decided therefore to help make the dream a reality.

LA-KRIS sells adorable, cheap jewelry, we all can afford. We design and also import jewelry from all over the world so we have something for every taste, style and season.

The support products: Support the fight against Endometriosis

The female. The graceful. It vulnerable. These are three key words that our support pieces are designed from. If you buy a support product, 40% of sales will be donated to research projects into Endometriosis. Should you instead Fall in love with one of our other necklaces, earrings, etc., we are still supporting the projects with 10% of sales.

Thank you for your attention and now Kristina and I, Lau, wish you a nice trip into the dream that came true: LA-KRIS.