The company itself.
LA-KRIS is a sole proprietorship located in Denmark, which mainly deals with both own and imported jewelry which can be used for both everyday and special occasions. The assortment changes according to trends and seasons, which also means that the color range can change and that we rarely have large quantity of each item.
By principle, we seek to create and find quality products at prices reachable for everyone!

Endometriose foreningen


LA-KRIS collaborates with the Danish Endometriosis association, ENDO.DK, and the International Association for Research in Endometriosis, WORLD ENDOMETRIOSIS RESEARCH FOUNDATION.
The collaboration intends to raise money for research into Endometriosis, and to increase awareness of the disease through support products.

For more information about the disease, please check the associations´ websites, or read on further down the page.

The background for this company.
I, Lau Sunde, created this company, which has long been my wife's dream. She suffers from a chronic disease in the abdomen, called Endometriosis. Since she graduated , she has been on sick leave and any employment in the future is unfortunately very uncertain, due to every day fever and severe pain that often only morphine can relieve. Up to 10% of all women have the disease, and if you have to describe Endometriosis in two words it would be: pain and fatigue.

The disease is not as yet generally known, which means that many women affected by the disease do not receive any understanding. There are however associations for women suffering from Endometriosis, which have set up support groups around the world. This has been the only really help for my wife, Kristina aged 26, as women usually first are diagnosed in their 30s and until recently did not meet any understanding.
For this reason I would like to support the associations. LA- KRIS has designed a support bracelet and a support brooch, which can be purchased here. 40% of the price will be donated to Endometriosis associations when buying support products at LA-KRIS. More support products are on their way, so keep an eye on the associations homepages, as well as right here on LA-KRIS.

Furthermore 10% of each order will be donated towards research into Endometriosis!

I hope you all have a good experience at LA-KRIS!