Endometriosis support bracelet - designed by LA-KRIS

Support Bracelet designed by LA-KRIS. 40% of each sale of the bracelet is donated towards research into Endometriosis. The bracelet is available in 5 vibrant colors.

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This darling was designed by my wife Kristina and I, after LA-KRIS in June 2013 became a reality. If you buy our Endometriosis support bracelet, you will help Kristina and the many other women in the world to raise awareness about Endometriosis and thus support the major research projects in the field. Each time you, I or a friend buys one of our support bracelets, we donate 40% of each sale towards research into Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is in our thoughts ...
The ideas behind the designs have centered on femininity, the graceful and the vulnerability of women with endometriosis constantly feel when the disease takes hold.

The bracelet is available in black, brown, grey, yellow and purple, and can be adjusted to suit just you and your wrist.

Circumference: 14-28 cm
Width: 0.7 cm
Diameter of the emblem: 2 cm (1.5 cm on the brown bracelet)